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เปิดโผ!! “ทุนจากมหาลัยดังใน UK (United Kingdom)” มีที่ไหนบ้าง มาดู

เปิดโผ!! “ทุนจากมหาลัยดังใน UK (United Kingdom)” มีที่ไหนบ้าง มาดู

WIN Education เปิดโผ ทุนจากมหาวิทยาลัยที่เข้าร่วม งาน “UK Universities Interview & Application Day” ที่จะจัดขึ้นในวันอาทิตย์ที่ 15 มีนาคม ณ The Crystal Box ศูนย์การค้า เกสร วิลเลจ ชั้น 19 (น้องๆลง BTS ชิดลม นะจ๊ะ) (แผนที่)

งานนี้มีมหาวิทยาลัยชื่อดังจากอังกฤษเข้าร่วมกว่า 40 มหาวิทยาลัย ถือเป็นโอกาสพิเศษ เพราะ น้องสามารถมาสมัครในงานนี้ได้เลยพร้อมทราบผลทันที รวดเร็วทันใจ ไม่ต้องรอนาน และมหาวิทยาลัยยังพร้อมให้ Offer น้องที่ต้องการเรียนต่อในปี 2020 ทันทีอีกด้วย พลาดไม่ได้เลยจริงๆ นอกจากนี้แล้ว พี่ๆ WIN Education ยังมีข่าวทุนจากทั้ง 40 มหาวิทยาลัย มา Update ให้น้องๆ รู้ก่อนใคร

40 มหาวิทยาลัยที่เข้าร่วมงานและสรุปทุนการศึกษา มีดังนี้

Aston University – up to £5,000
Global Excellence Scholarship
• Applicants to all full-time 1-year postgraduate taught courses are eligible for this scholarship
• No application required
• No dealine

University of Southampton£3,000 – £5,000
Southampton Merit Scholarships for international master’s students
• Southampton Business School
• Economic, Social and Political Sciences, Southampton Education School, Southampton Law School and Mathematical Sciences
• No application required
• No dealine
University of Exeter – £5,000
Global Execellence Scholarship
Eligible programmes are all full time campus based taught MA or MSc degrees with the exception of the following courses:
• MBA,
• MSc Accounting and Taxation,
• MSc International Business,
• MSc Marketing,
• MSc Human Resource Management,
• MSc International Human Resource Management,
• MSc International Tourism,
• MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management,
• MSc Finance and Investment,
• MSc Finance and Management,
• MSc Finance and Marketing,
• MA International Film Business,
• MA Creativity:Innovation and Business Strategy,
• MA Applied Security Strategy,
• MPA / MPA with Applied Studies,
• MA Education Online,
• MSc Island Biodiversity and Conservation,
• MSc Extreme Medicine.
Apply: Online application
Deadline: 30 Apr 2020
University of Reading – £5,000
ICMA Centre Scholarship
Thailand Scholarships
• Number Available: 3 scholarships
• Value: Up to £5,000
• Criteria: GPA 3.2 or above, IELTS Overall 7.0 (No element under 6.0) required, 15 mins interview
Apply: Online application
Deadline: 30 Apr 2020
Durham University – 25% (£7,500)
Full-Time MBA Scholarships
Amount:  20+ awards of 25% of the tuition fee (£7,500)
• Work or voluntary experience relevant to the programme for which they have applied
• Any additional skills, experience or extra-curricular activities that will add value and indicate that they will make a significant contribution to the cohort on the programme or the Business School.
Royal Holloway, University of London – £4,000
Royal Holloway Principal’s Masters Scholarship
• GPA 3.0+
Apply: Online application
Deadline: 15 June, 2020
University of Liverpool – Full
HRM Princess Sirindhorn University of Liverpool Scholarship (Thailand)
1 scholarship for full tuition fees and living allowance
University of Sussex – 50%
Academic Excellence International Masters Scholarship
• be classified as overseas for fee purposes.
• have accepted a place on a full time eligible Masters, commencing at the University of Sussex in September 2020.
• have excellent grades (UK first class or equivalent)
• have clear and specific goals with defined links to your course.
Apply: Online application
Deadline: 1 May 2020
University of East Anglia – up to 50% Scholarship
PG UEA Thailand Award
• All Thai students applying to a postgraduate course for September 2020 at UEA will automatically be awarded
the UEA Thailand Award.
• No application required
• No dealine

2 × 50% tuition scholarships
(worth £8,200 per award, approx.THB 315,000) at the discretion of TU Law School
• This is only for Thammasat University LLB (Law) students

The 50% Scholarships cover 50% of our Masters Programme Fees in School of Economics
• This competitive scholarship is open to students from Thammasat University, Chulalongkorn University and Kasetsart University students that are interested in our School of Economics Masters Programme.
• Entry Requirement for any Economics programs for the above 3 universities, is GPA2.7 and above.
• Deadline to apply: 31st March 2020
University of Sheffield – up to 25% discount scholarship
up to £2,500 International Postgraduate Taught Scholarship 2020
• You must accept your offer from the University of Sheffield before 16:00 (UK time) on 15 June 2020 to receive this award.

25% International Merit Postgraduate Scholarship 2020
• You must accept your offer from University of Sheffield in September 2020
Deadline: 13:00 (UK time) on Monday 4 May 2020
Newcastle University – £1,500 to £5,000
Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarships
• 200 in total (undergraduate and postgraduate courses)
• September 2020 for the duration of your course.
Awards may be allocated early in the application cycle; early course applicationsare therefore encouraged.

Cardiff University – £2,000
Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarships
• You must pay your deposit by the deadline stated in your original/first offer (if you are granted a deposit extension you must still pay by the original deadline to be eligible for the scholarship).
• You must accept your offer and meet all the offer conditions, including any English Language conditions as stated in your offer by 21st August 2020.
• Applicants who do not meet the conditions of their offer will not be eligible for the Vice Chancellor’s International Scholarship, even if they are accepted into the University.
How to apply: No application required
Deadline: by 21st August 2020
Brunel University London – £6,000
110 Scholarships tuition fees discount for undegraduate and postgroaduate first year only.
University of Hertfodshire£1,000 – £2,000
Vice Chancellor’s Schorlarship
for September 2020 intake
De Monfort University – £5,000
Exclusive MBA Scholarship
• Leicester Castle Business School is pleased to announce the Executive MBA scholarships worth £5,000 as a course fee reduction.
• Criteria: Academic Excellence

The Leicester Castle Business School has eight new International Postgraduate Taught Merit scholarships of £2,500 (Excluding the Global MBA)
University of Essex – up to £5,000
Academic Excellence International Masters Scholarship
Our Academic Excellence International Masters Scholarship supports overseas students from specified countries who are funding their own studies at the University of Essex. We are offering a scholarship worth up to £5,000 if your grades in your first degree meet the required standard.
University of Leicester – £3,000£5,600
President’s Postgraduate Scholarship
• Maximum number of scholarships available each year: 100
• Value of Scholarship: £3,000 in the form of reduction in tuition fees
Criteria: Academic merit

College of Science and Engineering Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme

For students from eligible countries who join a postgraduate degree in our College of Science and Engineering, in September 2020, we are delighted to offer a scholarship worth up to £5,600 per year of full

Criteria Thailand: GPA 3.0

How to apply: No need to apply

Bournemouth University £1,000 – £2,000
Academic Excellence Scholarship
• Criteria: A minimum of an upper second-class Honours degree (GPA 2.8)
• Value: £3,500
• How to apply: No need to apply

Faculty of Management Executive Dean’s Scholarship (International)

• Criteria: A minimum of an upper second-class Honours degree (GPA 2.8)

• Criteria: A minimum of an upper second-class Honours degree (GPA 2.8)

• Value: 50% tuition fee reduction

• How to apply: Need to apply with Personal Statement

Manchester Metropolitan University – £2,500£5,000
International Postgraduate Scholarships: £2,500
This scholarship is open to international students who enrol on a full-time postgraduate Masters programme and meet the eligibility criteria. The scholarship will be awarded automatically upon enrolment
Apply: Autometic Scholarship

Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarships: £5,000
The deadline for receipt of applications is 15th May 2020. Applicants will be notified if their application has been successful in June 2020.
Apply: Need to apply
Queen’s University Belfast – up to £3,000
International Office Postgraduate Taught Scholarships
Amount: £2,000 – £3,000
Apply: Need to apply
Cardiff Metropolitan University – £1,500
Vice Chancellor Scholarship
• The Vice Chancellor Scholarship, awarded to a number of our MA and MSc programmes, is based on academic and/or professional, evidenced work experience
• The Vice Chancellor Scholarship applies to only PG taught courses with £12,000 fee. Other specialist courses do not qualify
Apply: No application required
University of Hull – up to £2,500
International Scholarship Scheme Discount
All international offer holders
Apply: No application required
Goldsmiths, University of London – up to £5,000
International Scholarship
• Be classified as international for fee purposes, and not be in receipt of official sponsorship covering your tuition fees
• Have accepted your offer on an eligible programme at Goldsmiths. Eligible programmes are: Postgraduate taught degree programmes (excluding Fine Art and Design programmes), Graduate Diploma programmes (excluding Design), Undergraduate degree programmes (excluding Fine Art, Design and Fine Art Extension programmes), International Foundation Certificate programmes (excluding Design)
Deadline: 17 May 2020
Liverpool John Moores University – £3,000
LJMU Regional PG Scholarship
Apply: No application required
• Be holding an offer for Postgraduate study and have firmly accepted their place for September 2020
• Not have already studied a Postgraduate Taught (PGT) degree
• Have paid the LJMU tuition fee deposit by the date specified by the University to successful candidates
Deadline: 3 May 2020
Sheffield Hallam University – £3,000
Vice Chancellor Award for SEA Students
Apply: Autometic for all SEA offer holders
Teesside University – £2,000
Global Excellence Scholarship
If you meet the academic entry requirements for your chosen programme, as referenced on your country page, you will be awarded £1,500. If you exceed the academic entry requirements you will be awarded £2,000
Apply: No application required

Global English Language Scholarship
• If you achieve an IELTS score of 0.5 above the minimum requirement for your course, you will be awarded £1,500
• If you achieve an IELTS score of 1.0 above the minimum requirement for your course, you will be awarded £2,000
Deadline: 3 May 2020
University for the Creative Arts – £1,000
Early Bird Deposit Payment Scholarship
• Pay your £2,500 tuition fee deposit by 31 March 2020
• Be one of the first 150 applicants to pay the deposit before the deadline date (a maximum of 150 scholarships available)
• Pay your tuition fees in full by the end of the enrolment period of your course
University of Portsmouth – £1,600
Vice Chancellor’s Global Dvelopment Scholarship
For September 2020 entry onwards, eligible students will be able to receive the Vice Chancellor’s Global Development Scholarship. This scholarship will take the form of a £1,600 fee reduction that will apply to your first year of study.
Apply: No application required

University of Lincoln – £5,000
Thai Scholarship
• Be a national of (or permanently domiciled in) Thailand
• Already hold a Conditional or Unconditional Offer from the University of Lincoln for a full-time postgraduate taught programme commencing in 2020/21
• Have been awarded a Bachelor’s degree from a recognised university with a minimum GPA of 2.5 out of 4 (equivalent to a 2:2 in the UK)
• Meet the English language requirements of their intended course of study – this typically ranges from an IELTS 6.0 – 7.0 or equivalent
Apply: No application required
University of Northampton – £1,000
T D Lewis Scholarship for Undergraduate and postgraduate
This deadline for TD Lewis Scholarship applications is 31 May 2020
Apply: Need Application

นอกจากจะมีทุนเยอะมากแล้ว งานนี้ยังมีหอพักที่ UK ฟรี มาแจกน้องๆอีก

สำหรับ 200 คนแรกที่ลงทะเบียนร่วมงานล่วงหน้าเท่านั้น

WIN Education ร่วมกับ Casita ผู้จัดการหอพักนักศึกษาต่างชาติในสหราชอาณาจักร มอบสิทธิพิเศษให้นักเรียนที่แพลนจะไปศึกษาต่อที่ UK ในปี 2020 รับส่วนลดหอพักฟรีมูลค่ากว่า 15,000 บาท หรือเทียบเท่า 2 สัปดาห์ตลอดสัญญาการศึกษา สิทธิพิเศษนี้สำหรับนักเรียนของ WIN Education เท่านั้น ถ้านักเรียนที่ยื่นสมัครตรงไปมหาวิทยาลัยด้วยตนเองแล้ว ก็สามารถแต่งตั้ง WIN ให้เป็น Agency ได้ เพื่อรับสิทธิพิเศษนี้

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